Read Chapters 1-5 of Crystal Crowned NOW!

This has ended! Crystal Crowned is out now. You can get the full book from any of these retailers:


Don't have Kindle? Email Amazon proof of purchase to[at]gmail[dot]com to get a download link for any e-Reader.

Exclusive Horoz


I’ve been receiving a hilarious number of GIFs across my social media accounts over the past few weeks to summarize how readers are feeling about the Crystal Crowned wait. They’re usually something like this:


Well, I’m really excited today to say that I’m going to give you something to grab onto. If you can’t wait for Book Five of the Air Awakens series, Crystal Crowned, then don’t!

People who sign up for my mailing list RIGHT NOW can fill those grabby hands with chapters 1-5 of the final book of the Air Awakens series.

Just think, if you read one chapter a week you’ll have the whole book before you’re done with the teaser! Even better, if you download this email sneak peek, you can have Aldrik on your ereader of choice. (Thank you to @Lyanna_T on Twitter for the inspiration to do this) Currently, this is the only way to get a digital copy with Aldrik as the front cover.

I should note here as well, these digital exports are not the polished final versions that will be available for purchase. However, they do have the final interior of the book for you to enjoy! Email list subscribers can still get the Air Awakens bonus, Tales from the Front, as well.

Join the mailing list with the following form and keep an eye in your inbox for the welcome email. (Note, it can take up to 24 hours for some email servers to deliver. Remember to check your spam and promotion folders)

People who are already subscribed to my mailing list can download the sneak peek, too. Look for the links in this month’s email going out in the next 24 hours.

Happy reading!

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